OEM Solutions


Founded in 2003, Approved Memory is a leader in the design and development of memory upgrade products for many of the world’s largest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators, distributors, and CM’s. . Approved Memory's OEM strategy is characterized by a commitment to quality, technical ingenuity, fast time-to-market, build-to-order flexibility and unrivaled customer service. By consistently surpassing our customers' requirements and offering a wide breadth of products and services, Approved Memory has earned a reputation as a total solution provider for the OEM market. Approved Memory offers one of the most extensive lines of memory products available to the OEM customer. In addition to industry standard solutions, Approved Memory provides custom solutions and engages in joint development projects. Approved Memory delivers memory in SIMM, DIMM, SO-DIMM, RIMM, PC-Card and custom form factors that use the latest RDRAM, SDRAM, SGRAM, DDR-DRAM, DRAM, SRAM and FLASH memory technologies. With our specialized design skills, strategic supplier relationships, high-speed manufacturing capabilities and stringent testing, Approved Memory is well positioned to surpass demand expectations in the ever-changing OEM marketplace.


To best serve our clientele, the OEM Division has an engineering team dedicated to industry standard and custom products. We use the latest design tools to build leading-edge memory products according to JEDEC and customer specifications. Even with memory modules called “industry standard”, there is still room to evaluate client feedback and guide our designs accordingly. For example, even though the Intel PC-133 specifications are strictly detailed, Approved Memory has found techniques to further optimize designs. A custom memory product is the appropriate solution when a memory subsystem has a requirement that cannot be met by an industry-standard module or product obsolescence occurs. Often such applications require increased reliability, higher bandwidth or additional functionality. Traditionally, custom designs were equated with high costs and sourcing concerns. Approved Memory has overcome these challenges to make custom memory products a cost-effective solution while guaranteeing an ample supply line. No matter what the project, Approved Memory makes a concerted effort to understand the application and requirements beyond the documented specifications. Our focus is on working with each individual customer to ensure that not only the product specifications, but all the product requirements, meet or exceed expectations.

Design Validation

Approved Memory has the appropriate design review and process control procedures in place to ensure that the products we produce meet all specified design requirements. Once a design is complete, it undergoes a series of tests to validate the design in a variety of environments and applications. In Approved Memory's Environmental Test Facility (ETF tm) each new design must pass a 48-hour, four-corner test while running extensive memory diagnostics. Additionally, state-of-the-art test tools are used to check for shorts, opens, clearance problems, signal delays, capacitance and impedance of nets.

Supply Base

Receiving chips directly from major DRAM manufacturers such as Samsung, Micron and Infineon eliminates any concerns, such as used, damaged or off-spec DRAM. Maintaining these strong supplier relationships also ensures a reliable supply of products regardless of market conditions. In addition, Approved Memory evaluates suppliers through a rating system that compares and rates vendors based on their defect rate and delivery schedules. Approved Memory will not purchase from suppliers who fail to adhere to our strict quality criteria.


Approved Memory's Build-to-Order manufacturing facility is designed to deliver required capacity quickly, while maintaining strict OEM quality standards. Numerous controls are established throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee consistent quality. Key data is fed back into our statistical process control (SPC) program to guarantee high quality output and continual process improvement. The capability of each step within the process is thoroughly evaluated and assessed on a regular basis. From solder printing to module packaging, every step is under constant analysis. With this type of attention to detail, Approved Memory has attained continual improvement in the yield of our production. ESD protection is present throughout the facility. We have implemented numerous controls to ensure component handling meets EIA-625 requirements for handling Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Devices. Combined with many other control processes, Approved Memory maintains the highest quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.


Every product coming off the production line is subjected to a full set of parametric and functional tests. Approved Memory testing includes both AC and DC parametric tests to design specifications, as well as functional tests using industry standard algorithms that detect a full range of failure modes. Leading edge testers exercise the modules "At-Speed" while measuring crucial timing characteristics. Every module that passes our stringent testing is identified by special lot code and tracking number labels.


At Approved Memory, we believe in defect prevention rather than defect detection. Quality cannot be achieved simply through numerous inspection points; it must be built into the process. This starts with initial customer contact, continues throughout the design phase, and is confirmed during the initial product verification. It is then validated by target-system testing and monitored through in-process inspections. Approved Memory's ongoing commitment to total quality includes: a statistical process control program, a continuous calibration program, a preventive maintenance program and an employee job awareness program. Complete test and burn-in is supported by a failure analysis group and reliability monitors. A dedicated product development group supports a variety of customer needs and is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Approved Memory's in-process inspection techniques focus on detecting trends as early as possible to allow sufficient time to make corrections. Throughout the manufacturing and testing process, data is analyzed using statistical process control. If at any time a process is determined to be "out of range", the process is stopped and corrective action is taken immediately. Combined, these measures ensure that Approved Memory's product is manufactured with as little variation as possible. Even with Approved Memory's stringent quality controls, each Approved Memory module can be tracked by the build number, serial number and board number to assure complete accountability. In the rare event of material defects or design changes, Approved Memory can quickly locate each affected module and resolve the issue immediately.

High-Density Modules

As densities increase beyond levels previously thought possible, the challenge becomes to develop high-density products that are cost effective and reliable. This need has been realized both in the use of industry standard solutions, and in the design of custom products. Through experience and innovation, Approved Memory has become an expert in developing high-density standard and custom form factor assemblies.

Special Services

Typically, systems using standard memory modules have little trouble with the operation of the memory. However some platforms are more susceptible to failure or are sensitive to the varying characteristics of memory from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some memory is less tolerant of noise on control, data and address lines, or timing variations which may cause unexpected errors. Whatever the case, our memory knowledge and years of experience will help you identify and resolve these potential problems.

Self Qualification

Most organizations conduct thorough qualification testing prior to placing a manufacturer’s part number on an Approved Parts List (APL). This often tedious and time consuming process requires engineers to conduct a series of tests, rather than focusing on product development. Approved Memory resolves this problem by conducting self-qualification programs for OEM customers, eliminating the workload and cost associated with this process.

Materials Programs

Approved Memory recognizes the potential for material management techniques to reduce the cost of ownership of memory products. We provide a variety of programs including MRP schedule sharing, auto replenishment, consignment inventory and bonded stock to achieve cost benefits from material management. Approved Memory’s OEM division will create a program to meet your specific requirements.

Long-Term Supply

Often the key problem with memory is not the proper functioning, but ensuring a reliable, long-term supply. In an environment where Moore’s Law governs, how do you guarantee the long-term availability of a particular memory technology? To overcome this challenge, Approved Memory utilizes an innovative design approach that incorporates the latest technologies while maintaining consistency in design techniques. Contact the OEM Division for more information about our product life extension solutions.

Approved Memory Logistics

Approved Memory offers services tailored to your specific logistical and delivery needs. Our customized service offerings include, procurement assistance, inventory audit and control mechanisms, bar coding with UPC or client part number, custom retail and bulk packaging, inventory liquidation and drop ship delivery. These services are designed to make working with Approved Memory easier and more cost-effective.